How to make home slippers

How to make home slippers

Don’t you just hate it when you have people coming over at your house and you don’t have enough home slippers to give them, in the end being forced to take a vote for who gets the existing pairs?


We think that nobody likes that, therefore we came up with a new slippers model that will take only a few hours to make and will look really great on your guests feet.

How to make:
Depending on the desired size of the slippers, you have to calculate the number of loops and rows, based on the pattern (the first picture below ). There are no English instructions to make this slippers, Russian only. So, we tried to explain the pattern in the following directions: ”You need to start putting 16 meshes on the knitting needle, knit 15 rows then add 31 meshes to the left, knit another 15 rows, decrease 15 meshes from the left and add 15 meshes on the right then continue knitting 15 rows more and close up. Now fold the left corner with 31 meshes towards the 47 meshes edge. After that fold what is left of the 47 meshes edge towards the left side closing the slipper top side. The final step is to take the 15 rows left and stitch them to the 15 rows that previously folded to form the heel area. ” If you find the directions are not properly explained or they doesn’t work for you, check out the second step by step set of pictures and get inspired. Good luck!

The first set:


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